the old , the new and the latex gloves

Good afternoon all,

What an exciting week I had and it involved my long latex gloves!

It was nice to see the return of an old face and one who is a real good fun type to have in a session. When I think back to some of the antics this one has gotten up to during sessions especially the extended boot camp sessions we have previously indulged in. He came back with a boom and scored some brownie points by taking the trusty old cane. I should point out he despises the cane but of course done as he was told and took 6 of the best. He has got himself a new love too….the pin glove!

Rolling straight on from the old face was a brand new face and a newbie to the world of BDSM. The visit to me was his second ever session with a pro mistress. I have to say he done incredibly well – nervous at the beginning (which effects most of you) yet brave enough to allow me to push his boundaries a little. He sure did develop a love for the electrics on the C&B along with some weights and a pin parachute! feeling the pins dig in as more weights were added! Of course, he has strapped into the interrogation chair – he was not going to be making a dash for it so quickly!

Back to a regular face for a good old flogging and watching me smoke cigarettes. Sounds pretty simple but this one gets strapped on the cross in position where he remains – that is a tough position to maintain too! Throughout the session when I was feeling generous he would often get a flick or two of ash in his human ashtray mouth and of course the C&B were great areas to stub out the cigs. Back to the flogging, for me it is the sound I adore as it kisses the skin. Working through all of my floggers from the softest to the hardest he took them all.

As always the strap on (and latex fisting gloves more on that next) was out a few times too and I even managed to get a long term slave to be a good sport and spend some time in the inflatable gummi rubber latex sleep sack! He thought he was in for a relaxing time till he realised I had access to certain areas and of course they would be getting plugged and electrified!

The long latex fisting gloves, when these are out you know I mean business! I have been working on a stretching project for a little while now and he was back in the country on Thursday and it was the perfect time to continue to train this one. Always likes to try his very best to take what is required. Teaming up with Princess Aurora we tag teamed him and he did manage, just about to take a double fisting. We had this one in all kinds of positions to ensure he got the best stretching possible! What great fun and he did enjoy it too.

If you fancy being my next play thing I am around all week from 3pm till late.

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That’s all for now

the old , the new and the latex gloves