Session Review

“I visited Mistress Saphire a couple of years ago and she took my strapon virginity whilst I was still unsure about it, on the whole, we also tried some sounding and some light whipping and pinwheels in my first session which went very well and set things in motion in my mind and I have progressed since but mostly incorporating kink into my sex life. I am after all a kinky gentleman and not submissive at all.
In the years in between I have slowly developed a real love for anal play and on the day of the meet, a friend canceled games night whilst I was looking at Mistress Saphire’s twitter and website, bored at work and decided I wanted to go an see her again and see if she could push my boundaries and see if I can finally be fisted. It has been a bit of a goal of mine of late to see what that feels like, so I called her up, booked the appointment and sent the deposit.
Upon arriving I realised why my mind was telling me to go back and see her, she is very easy to talk to and put me at ease straight away. Over the years she became more attractive and looked stunning. As I was rushed for time we agreed to do the enema there, and it was nice to catch up and get into a relaxed state during this part.
Once clean and ready, I walked past the line up of toys she had prepared, I knew I was in for some good fun this session. I wanted the entire focus to be on anal training and trying to get up to a fist.
Mistress Saphire quickly and expertly began using several toys and strapon’s on my ass while I was bent over the bench. She was in total control and I got more and more relaxed and opened up for bigger and wider toys, she mixed up techniques, speeds, and thrusts to keep it interesting and occasionally went back to use her surgeon glove covered hands to see how close I was.
We finally worked our way up to four fingers and a thumb but not quite all the way ready for the full fist but she had me moaning with joy all the way, I was surprised as I had not played with my ass for some time. If only we had more time, I was so close!
Not to let things go easily she quickly went to grab another toy, she returned with a new glove where all of the digits are different sizes and have interesting textures. She quickly started to experiment with different finger combinations and we talked through some different techniques (communication is everything) and before long my entire body was convulsing with uncontrollable pleasure. That glove is awesome!
So if you want to explore the realms of anal and want someone who is comfortable to be around and has all of the experience, skills, toys, and techniques; go and see Mistress Saphire who can push your boundaries and open you up. Be good and respectful.
I will be back soon and we will get that whole fist in! Take care Mistress, and thanks again for 90 minutes I won’t forget”
Session Review