Session Review Mistress Saphire


I recently had the opportunity and very great privilege of meeting Mistress Saphire in session at the Fet’ Emporium and after a very long period as an “admirer” from afar, a real-time encounter was long overdue ! 

Mistress Saphire has a very high profile on the fetish scene and rightly so. Her visual style is  unique and stunning and her active Twitter feed amply demonstrates her sheer zest for life, wide-ranging fetish interests – and warmth as a human being. Mistress Saphire is a highly  versatile fetishist with  a formidable array of talents and natural abilities to bring to her vocation… – an intoxicating and captivating  physical presence, wildly kinky imagination and a deeply empathic approach enabling her to “read” the needs and “level” of her accomplices..

For my session, sadism and sensuality were combined in perfect proportion and the technical aspects  were excellent and perfectly stage-managed.All the best experiences in life are “life-enhancing” and I left the session feeling that my time with Mistress Saphire was certainly in that category.My only regret is that I hadn’t made her acquaintance earlier in my personal journey as a submissive.

All my best wishes.
Rosie xx

Session Review Mistress Saphire