Session Review from newbie sub

I have always been secretly into kink and BDSM having spent many hours engaging in online web domination and of course watching fetish porn clips I finally decided to bite the bullet and book a session.

Admittedly, when I first contacted Saphire I was very nervous however she put me at ease during our phone conversation and helped me to get all of my ideas for the session out. We arranged the date and time and she gave me the deposit info which I will say is very discreet as this was a big worry for me. Saphire confirmed the deposit was received and the session was booked.

On the day of the session I arrived at the location and was greeted by Saphire who was so friendly and that really helped me to relax. As you can imagine it was nerve wracking as my only experience was online.

I was offered a drink and the use of the facilities. After a little while Saphire returned and the session commenced. She knew I was a newbie and I feel as though the session was absolutely perfect for someone transitioning from online to real life sessions.

I had seen online people commenting about how real time sessions allow the bond to be built with a person and never believed it until this session with Saphire.

I cannot wait to return and start to explore more of my interests.

Session Review from newbie sub