session review

It was my first time I attended a dominatrix in real life. Up to the last moment I was hesitating. Standing next to her door I counted minutes to the appointment time and called … She opened the door and met me dressed in a corset and stockings. Her body was even more gorgeous than I imagined. Saphire instructed me upstairs, into a well equipped room. She brought me a cup of coffee and we informally¬† chatted. I told about my experience and what I expect from the session. I wasn’t really sure, but mistress proposed to try various things over time.

We started with leg worship. She sat on a chair and ordered me to caress her legs and feet. I licked, kissed and stroked her fine legs worn by black stockings. She noticed my hard on, as I was really excited. Then she stood up and ordered me to worship her divine arse. I really enjoyed this.

Mistress was pleased with my worship and proposed to proceed with massage. She removed her corset and lied on the bench. I massaged her through paying special attention to her arse and hips. Mistress asked me a few times to make her butterfly fly. It seems she liked that much. I was sure she enjoyed my touches.

Then we moved on to anal plays. We spent alot of time on this aspect of play. I lay on my back on the bench lifting my legs. She started with smaller toys moving on to bigger ones. At the same time she included edge play. She did it carefully, torturing me and not allowing to cum. Finally, she wore her strapon and entered my ass. That was a divine feeling. Saphire was thrusty but very tender and accurate. The edge play continued and she tormented my nipples with her long nails.

My experience was absolutely amazing. Saphire combines stunning beauty and tenderness with power. I enjoyed our session very much and will certainly come back at some day.

Yours, K

session review