Playing my kind of games

Hello all,

After being unwell with the dreaded cold bug that seems to have been doing the rounds it was nice to be well enough to enjoy a few days with T Girl DeeDee.

And what a great few days we had continuing her stretching and also having her join me in some sessions. We make a great duo calling at your hotel room or having you visit ours. The joy of sessioning with two totally open minded perverts (yes that is DeeDee and I) results in the wildest, most unadulterated kink.

Hotel sessions can be such fun at times, almost more naughty, as you can see people entering the hotel, going about their business and not really being aware that not so far away from them someone is having a wild time. The so called rule book really does fly out the window…. If you have a scene you would like to turn into a reality get in touch.

Moving onto another session that has stood out recently. A very polite gentleman contacted me with a scene he was longing to create.

I’m dressed with bra, panties, and stockings held in place with a traditional suspender belt. All black with some soft lace to caress my curves. I then begin to add some layers of attire more appropriate for the outside world, a business suit, crisp white shirt and jacket. On with my heels and top coat and off I go. I walk from the dungeon I am playing at (not my regular venue) to a local wine bar. I walk in and perch myself near the bar and it doesn’t take long for me to have a drink in hand. I’m sat watching the world go by. I’m waiting for my next victim.

In he walks with his macho manner and over he swoops. We begin to chat and he continues with his macho mannerisms and big talk. Quite the flatterer, well he thinks he is. The flirty chat and closer body contact continues, I’m stroking his leg whilst looking into his eyes as he chats away. We must of been getting pretty close as several other patrons of the bar were looking over.

I suggest he comes back to my place so we can continue to get to know each other in a more comfortable environment, with a few wines and away from prying eyes. I know exactly what he is thinking. I have lured him in, he thinks he will be having a night of vanilla sex given how i have been draped all over him. I allow him to think whatever he wants so longs as i can get him back to my “apartment”.

We grab a cab and we are sat very close next to each other. He places his arm around my shoulder and if can feel him trying to slide his hand into my unbuttoned shirt exposing my killer cleavage. I reciprocate his wondering hand behaviour and stroke my nails up his thigh towards what is now a very apparent bulge in his suit trousers. Turning my eyes towards his I slowly stroke my nails over his throbbing bulge.  My plan is coming together.

The taxi pulls up and out we jump. I walk in first with him following closely behind me. I take his coat and invite him into the lounge, we crack open a wine and continuing to get to know each other. We are being quite playful so I tell him to sit and watch. I stand up in front of the sofa and slowly begin to remove my business suit exposing my curves and the beautiful lingerie set. He smiles and leans forward to touch as I am straddled over him. I whisper in his ear as he is gripping my peachy arse cheeks “would you like to play one of my games?” he quickly replies and I tell him “I hope you are kinky”, of course he claims he is.

I stand up and offer him my hand, he holds it and i tell him to follow me. We walk into the play area…. My kind of play area. At first he gasps and looks a little shocked much to my delight. He goes to speak but i gently place my hand over his mouth and unbutton his shirt with my other hand. Exposing his chest I run my nails all over it and down towards his belt, i undo it and slide my hands inside the waist band as I carefully unbutton him and his trousers drop to the floor, closely followed by his underpants. He steps out and removes his socks and there he is stark naked in front of me. It is very clear to see he is extremely excited even after the little shock.

Maybe the power shift excited him more than he expected. He went from macho man to melted man, very compliant. I tell him my games come with big rewards which seem to turn him on even more.

I place his wrists in cuffs behind his back and sit him down on the bondage chair. Slowly but surely i secure his legs and torso too. He is helpless. I blindfold him and walk around him so he can hear my heels tapping on the floor but he has no idea what is next. I’m behind him and i lean over to pinch his nipples with my talons listening to him gently gasp. I love tormenting nipples and his were perfect for this. I release them and walk to the front him, he still is in the blindfold. I run my nails over him and collect his balls in my hand. “These belong to me now” I tell him. I tie them securely with bondage rope as he whimpers. I remove the blind fold and show him a small weight. I tell him i am going to stretch his balls and if he takes it I will remove my bra. We agree. The balls are stretched and stretched some more, my nails dig in to and he takes it, after a little struggle.

True to my word I remove the bra exposing my new pretty large boobs. I straddle him on the bondage chair, my breasts so close to his face. “would you like to touch these?” he replies “Yes please.”  I cut him another deal.

The deal is 10 strokes of my favourite cane across his virgin buttocks, hard strokes and he can stroke my breasts. “do we have a deal?” I ask. He replies “yes”.

He is moved from the chair to the whipping bench, on all fours, his untouched buttocks prominent. I untie the balls and set about strapping him down. I do not want him to escape before the fun really starts.

I squat in front of him, breasts exposed and at his eye level to remind him of the deal. Before we start I tell him “look at this cane, you will dread it. Kiss it for me. This is your new lover and it is a very demanding one.” He tries to change his mind, he can wriggle but he is not escaping instead tiring himself out. I stroke my hand over his ass checks and spank them as he moans, I grip his balls and remind him of my kind of games.

He falls silent and I warm him up by hand, the lovely sound as i spank his bottom before starting to cane him. He is made to count each stroke and thank me. Half way through I pause to stroke his now very warm ass. For a virgin ass it took it very well.

He is removed from that position and placed onto the bondage bed. Before his hands are secured i am on all fours above him. “You can stroke these breasts I tell him” after all he did keep to his side f the deal. He instantly gets aroused again and I have those breasts covering his face. He is given instructions on how to kiss the, feel them and worship them.

Now there is a part of him that has kind of escaped lightly up to now. The cock. But that is about to change. Up to now it has only had pleasure, of my touch, of feeling my peachy ass cheeks brush past it I purposely have done this. Now it needs a change of feel….electrics.

Yes, tied down to the bondage bed I place the rubber, electric bands around his cock. We start quite mildly and it is a struggle for him. I decide to encourage him more, i untie his hands and as I am back over him I tell him to grip my ass cheeks. Squeezing my ass my well help him. And of course it does.

Adjusting to the new sensation I then secure his hands and ramp up the electrics. Time to add another sensation. The magic wand and one of its even more magic attachments to the head of his cock. Then removing it and tormenting him with my hand as he moans with pain and pleasure. Adding some saliva all over his cock only enhances the teasing. He is moaning again as i continue to increase the electrics and the pleasure again from the magic wand. I need to quieten him down so I sit on his face. Smothered with my juicy ass. I can feel his warm breath against my pussy and his tongue desperately trying to dart around. Peacefully other than dulled out moaning! Until he cannot hold back any longer….Pretty good going for now.

He is untied and that is round one over but this was far from the end of play…..

I do love role play scenes and this one was another great fun session for both him and I.

I am a very open minded mistress so if you want to explore a certain role play, or maybe you want to escape the real world and head into mine for a little while get in touch to make your booking. Further information on bookings is here

Playing my kind of games