Mistress Saphire Session Review

I have been sessioning for a number of years however I am now well past retirement age and session much less that before. A domme I had been seeing previously retired over a year ago and I had not had a session since. I think however if BDSM is in you it always will be and the urge inevitably returns. Mistress Saphire was making one of her London visits so I plucked up courage.

I found her very easy to talk to on the phone. I like to think I introduced myself politely and I suspect like many experienced dommes that she has a sixth sense when it comes to time wasters. I first asked if she was prepared to see someone of my age and she confirmed that was fine. Next came the somewhat awkward question of the tribute which was reasonable for central London. I always prefer a two hour session which obviously makes things a bit more expensive, but after a moments hesitation I decided to go for it.

We exchanged a couple of emails and texts before about the role play I would like and had a ten minute chat before the session started. My main interest is CP, particularly the cane, as well as anal play both of which she clearly enjoys. I prefer to play without safe words which she agreed to do. I also like the sensual and sadistic approach rather than just getting a good thrashing and Saphire was superb in that respect.

I had requested a caning from cold which in retrospect was probably a mistake. I was told that I would get 100, a number that I had received and gone beyond before. However as we got to 40 she was becoming concerned that the cane was doing too much damage and decided to stop at 50. Although mentally I was still up for more I did not question her decision. The problem arose probably because it was a caning from cold, as well as the fact that my skin was probably not up to it after well over a year without a session. Three days later the marks are recovering well.

To the uninitiated the cane might seem a simple thing to use however I do believe that to use it safely and accurately is another matter. I have had sessions in the past when that was not the case. The very best dommes I believe protect us subs from our own wildest fantasies sometimes, which is to be commended.

I found one aspect of the session a bit surreal. I normally ask for some background music but for some reason I did not. The dungeon is in a very respectable part of central London although there was a fair amount of passing traffic outside. As I was being methodically caned I could hear the faint sound of traffic going by. It made me aware of the mundane boring world outside, whilst I was helplessly strapped down in my fantasy world getting a methodical caning. Although it seemed a bit surreal it added to my enjoyment. Perhaps I was in sub space, who knows.

Finally I would say that although Saphire can no doubt be as fierce as you might want, she can also be sensual as well. When it comes to safety she is most professional as my experience shows. I can certainly recommend her and I am sure that a complete novice would be safe in her hands as well

Richard J

Mistress Saphire Session Review