Milking Mistress

He has always fantasied about a milking session with edging so true to my self-given title Fantasy Facilitator his milking fantasy became a reality.

His arms suspended above his head and legs spread at the ankle with a spreader bar.

Me in my favourite session outfit – black, silky hold ups and black killer heals. No more clothing required.

He is exposed from every angle and of course I take full advantage of this. Running my nails sensually all over his body and watch as he becomes very aroused.

Standing behind him, he can feel my breasts against his back, my warm breath in his ear as I whisper my seductively cruel plans to him, as my hands wonder up his inner thighs slowly towards his manhood. I cannot resist but to gently fondle his balls.

Now, I move in front of him and perch myself on a high seat, so he has a very blatant view of my body. He can look but he cannot touch given the position he finds himself in. I slowly pour baby oil into my hands and warm it up before sliding my hands over his now very aroused cock. The eye contact is as intense as the play and neither break. Milking, sensually by hand for round 1.

He is still ready for more.

I lean myself over the bench, he is behind me on the floor, on his knees. My ass perfectly positioned in his face ready to be worshipped and his oiled-up cock trapped between my stocking clad calves. “Oil my ass up” I tell him, and he cannot help but want to thrust his hips.

He is aroused by the feeling of my legs, in stockings against his cock. I could have allowed self-milking, but I like to have control, so he finds himself on all fours. Wrists roped together; forearms bound tightly. Knees spread. Exposed. Helpless. Mine. Face down, ass up a position I know he would love to have me in. But he wasn’t so lucky today.

I couldn’t resist but to tease his ass with my fingertip, lubing him up with my spit, my finger stroked over his tight rose bud. He moaned softly as I penetrated him and began to explore him internally. My other hand grips his hard cock and slowly plays with him. My other finger, now knuckle deep inside him, exploring. I introduce another finger and before long his g spot is being massaged. My hand running up and down his cock quickly. Round two milking achieved.

Still in that position, I strap-on fuck him. Of course, I start slowly, stroking his neck and back with my nails. He can feel my strap-on brushing against him as he wriggles to try to get closer to it. As I slide inside him, my hands grip over his shoulders and then around his neck. He can feel my hips grinding against his ass as my hands begins to wonder to his cock once again. He wanted milking and that is exactly what he was going to get. Rough this time.

Tied onto the rack on his back I lean over him so he can feel my body brushing against his. I bite his nipples. His cock is instantly erect. The electric bands are placed around his throbbing shaft. The head tormented with vibrations. My hand. And my… I will let your imagination run riot. You won’t guess.

He is tiring but trying not to. Milking round 4 was achieved and milking round 5 but that took a special touch….

He was left an exhausted but happy man, escaped reality and turned a fantasy into a reality. I am pretty sure he slept well that night, even on his slightly hard hotel bed.

If you have a fantasy you would like to turn into a reality, I am here to help make that happen, in an open minded, none judgemental environment. I suggest you explore my website to read what others just like you have to say about me, and to get a feel for what I am like.

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Milking Mistress