Long hair and an Ass fetish

Good afternoon all,

One for the ass worship fans!

The week got off to a great start with someone I have known and sessioned with for many years.

He is a real arse pervert

He has a love of lycra and to be honest I understand why. In my opinion it is the only material that really hugs onto a body and its curves. Squeezing into one of my lycra catsuits always arouses me. I love the way it clings to my curves. Squeezing myself into it on Monday morning, it was a squeeze! It was the first time I had worn it since my breast enlargement! For those big tit lovers they are recovered now and measuring in at a 30HH! I am literally delighted – there will be a big tit blog soon.

Anyway, back to the lycra ass lover. Successfully encased in the catsuit there was an extra stage to this look. Hair! Yes, I know I usually have the shaved head look going on but Mr Lycra Lover loves long hair. I have a collection of wigs that I will happily wear (request in advance for your session). The look for Monday was super sleek, long platinum blonde.

The door bell rings and I let him in. This one is always so enthusiastic and excited – great fun! Straight into the bedroom and I shove him onto the floor. I stand over him making him gaze up my long legs up towards my ass. He strokes his hands up my legs as high as he can reach before I drop down onto his chest. He is trapped under my ass. He can feel my body weight on his chest and if he moves his head from side to side he can see my stiletto heels at either side. I cannot resist but bounce up and down on his chest like he is my cushion.

I turn around so he can see my big ass on his chest and of course my long blonde hair down my back. I put my legs up on the rest of his torso so he is basically my human furniture. I tell him to feel my ass, worship it with his hands. Time for a change of position and my thighs are now at the sides of him and my ass right on his face. I gently rub my ass over his face, grinding around on it so he feels my lycra clad ass and he can smell my aroma. Time to bounce and jiggle my ass cheeks on his face. He loves this getting his nose stuck between my ass cheeks and feeling my cheeks on his cheeks. Keeping him trapped and unable to escape. Tormenting him with sarky kisses then sensual stroking with my nails over every inch of his body.

I have him kneeling behind and kissing my ass cheeks and he strokes my legs. It was clear to see he was very aroused so I couldn’t resist but tell him to slide his cock in between my calves. Now thrust it! Hold my legs as you thrust that dick between my calves, feeling the lycra against the cock and having the pleasure of my ass in your face.

Moving him onto the bed I dived back onto him, straight up onto his face bouncing that ass up and down. Feel it, smell it! I encouraged him more and more! I was facing his feet so now was a prime time to torment his dick too. Still bouncing and rubbing my ass over his face. Squatting over his face to really ensure his nose was getting pushed between my ass cheeks as I run my claws over his body.

This one also has a thing for my panties. My used panties! So a pair I have been wearing is placed on his face, sniffing away as I force them down onto him with my hands, then my ass is back on his face forcing those panties onto his nose. Tormenting and teasing and making him wank into my used panties as I grind up and down on that face harder and faster. Reminding him not only is my ass grinding on his face, my pussy is too.

For anyone with a love of ass worship, or being a human piece of furniture feel free to get in touch with your ideal scenario. Booking info can be found here https://www.mistress-saphire.co.uk/bookings/

Long hair and an Ass fetish