Gummi Rubber and a Tremblr finish

Hello all,

Gummi Rubber lovers will relate to this…

I enter the room dressed in black lace lingerie, silky black stockings covering my strong, long legs  held in place with my vintage suspender belt which I have to say I adore – they sit high on the waist and give the body that perfect hourglass shape and of course to complete the look black stiletto heels.

In the centre of the room, on his knees and head bowed down to the floor is my sub. He knows the position I expect my subs to be in whilst awaiting my arrival. After a closer inspection he is summoned to the foot of my throne. After a little chat he is set to work with the task of massaging my legs and feet, his nipples clamped with clover clamps to get them ready for what else is to come.

The C&B’s are next; they are safely placed into a parachute and of course weighed down a little. Back to the massaging task for this one. If he does something wrong he feels my hand hard and fast slap him across his face cheeks.

I mentioned earlier the nipples, after he finished massaging my feet and legs he was instructed to place my shoes back on my feet. My thank you to him was driving my stiletto heels deep into his tender nipples! Of course, he thanked me for my generosity!

When this one contacted me he was very clear (which always helps) that his interests were quite classical mixed with an extreme love for inflatable gummi rubber. Much to his delight I have access to quite a few pieces of inflatable gummi rubber bondage suits / sacks.

Placed inside the inflatable latex rubber gummi sleep sack, including the inflatable gummi rubber hood this one was very secure and safe to say warm given our recent hot weather (make the most of it as I am sure it won’t be long until we are freezing in rain and wind storms). One final top up of air to make it feel extra tight and snug and he was in heaven. The smell and feeling of gummi rubber being so close to his body made him rather excited.

The nice thing about the inflatable gummi rubber hood and suit is the hood allows for breath play and the suit has an opening so the C&B’s can be accessed.

The balls were still in the parachute so they were attached to the suspension and hoisted up for a while whilst I ran a pin wheel over them. Time to switch, so off with the parachute and now it was time to electrify the C&B’s. Bands, sounds and my favourite little electro whisker. The whisker stroked lightly over the visible skin in his case was great fun for me I’m guessing a bit painful for him!

Just as I could hear a few whimpers it was perfect time to smother this one and take away his air supply – that will of course quieten him down. Obviously as the O2 is running thin watching him start to struggle in the gummi rubber sleep sack is rather entertaining. “Take a big breath” obviously I wasn’t going to be killing this one, what’s the fun in that. Oh yes this one was my piece of meat, my toy to entertain myself.

The electrics, as you can imagine they were great fun (sure he would agree haha)  and this one don’t forget was really unable to move much in the gummi rubber sleep sack. More of a squirming movement from him as he tried to escape the electrics zapping him.

After plenty of electric play I decided the session was to take on a slightly more teasing slant, afterall he had been put through the mill. I introduced this one to the all new, hands free masturbation machine … the Tremblr milking machine. I see it as the modern version of the venus milking machine, it is very quiet in fact it hardly makes a sound, looks better, and is remote controlled. (It sounds like the perfect woman for some of you! haha)

I started using this slowly, a slow sucking feeling, teasing him. I could hear him moaning, so the speed was increased a little more and more. Then back to slow and steady, up to fast and furious. On the fast and furious end of the settings well as you can imagine it feels more like a fast and furious F*%cking. Back to the slower, sensual settings with the odd blast on fast and furious. This continued, he knew only when I told him he could cum would he be allowed to! He had to demonstrate some excellent self control skills that is for sure!

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Miss Saphire

Gummi Rubber and a Tremblr finish