1st blog for a long time!

Well Hello there,

First off for those who haven’t seen on Twitter I am back to sporting a buzz cut! My favorite look that I feel most beautiful with. And no I won’t be growing it back for a long time so don’t bother asking.

Anyway, it has been some time since I typed up a blog and as you now I removed them all because of changes that are coming into place with websites and the law. Anyway we have a little while until that all really comes into play I believe so I am taking the opportunity to get blogging again. I actually have missed it

Rewind back to Christmas which was great time for me, spent eating, training and relaxing. I had a few of you come to session with Me between Christmas and New year which was pleasant, well for Me anyway I am not so sure the human pin cushion had such pleasurable memories. He did do a good job though but I guess he had no escape after he was placed in very restrictive bondage! Which reminds Me of another session that will be happening soon…The bondage chair. Restrictive, heavy bondage whilst he is gagged and hooded and I have needles, pins, heat sources – cream and fuel based, nails to name a few at My disposal.

With all of my recent training at the gym I was delighted to have My PVC perv book himself in for a session last week! The PVC perv as you will have guessed has a real fetish for PVC in the way that it looks and feels. Clad in PVC thigh boots and a PVC dress Mr PVC Perv set about worshipping My long, powerful legs. Stroking and massaging them until he was given the go ahead to work his way up My thighs, onto My ass (which I love to have worshipped) and then all over the rest of My body which of course was nicely wrapped in PVC. As you can imagine at this point his cock was rather excited so it was the right time to add the pin sheath and weigh down the balls. It is amazing what this combo can do to a man. Needless to say he put 110% effort into worshipping Me and as a treat he was allowed to f*&k My PVC boots!

Another of my favourite activities as you all know is anal play! I consider myself quite the expert in this field. My hands, and feet in some circumstances have found  their way into countless assholes over the years. I have been enjoying taking a couple of you into the anal world and teaching your ass to accept larger toys and of course my fist. For those of you that used to read My blogs in the past I always used to give you updates on the progress of My most loyal anal whores. I am pleased to say they are all continuing to progress and one has now gone from single fisting to taking a double fisting! Practice makes perfect! There is no better sight that seeing two fists slide on up into an asshole. Mr Vampire is next on My list to take a double fisting!

Email play for a few long distance kinksters which is always fun. I like to know that you are sat at your desk, focused and working hard until I ping you an email. Your head turns into mush and you frantically take yourself off to bathroom to read your orders in peace and in one particular case, watch the porn I have sent you whilst F&*king your hand pussy! Hoping I may have also sent you a picture of Myself! The fact is you never know what may be waiting for you until you open the email.

I have some travel plans in Edinburgh coming up in February time 20 – 21st for anyone wanting sessions. As normal I will be travelling with Mistress Sheba and we will be available for both solo and single sessions at a central Edinburgh dungeon.

Oh yes, a big thank you goes to one of My special kinksters for arranging a fabulous meal for My birthday next month. I am seriously excited!

That is all for now, I will keep you all updated a lot more with some fun tales.

1st blog for a long time!