The Pantyhose Pervert

The Pantyhose Pervert

The first time I met my boss was at interview a few years back when I first started working for GTL Ltd. An elegant lady, tall, and powerful in appearance with a friendly yet intimidating aura about her. She knew what she wanted and how to get it vibe oozed from her. My boss, Sophie, always  dressed in a tight white cotton shirt, a figure fitting black pencil skirt and her long legs were encased in tan coloured high gloss tights  with her feet placed inside high black stiletto court shoes. She oozed sex appeal to me and had done for a long time. Every time I would see her coming into the office I would find myself having to look at her and then feeling both nervous yet aroused whilst in her presence.

Today was my annual appraisal and I know I have been underperforming – mainly due to allowing my head run away with fantasies of Sophie and her long legs and feet encased in her signature high gloss tights. Not really a suitable reason to give to your boss though for underperformance, in fact it would probably leave me jobless, and with a reputation of being a pervert. Yes, I suppose I am a pervert. A nylon pantyhose loving pervert but I have a mortgage to pay so keeping my job is paramount.

I sat in Sophie’s office awaiting her arrival desperately trying to come up with reasons as to why I was underperforming do badly. I was getting myself all worked up and in a state of panic; I had visions of breaking down in front of her and confessing all and being the laughing stock of the office. The more I tried to think of believable reasons the worse the situation became and it was about to get worse.

The door swung open and it waltzed Sophie, coffee in hand and she plonked down on her chair. She opened a file on her desk and began “So Peter, here we are again. Now I have been looking at your sales figures and the only way I can describe them is utter shit!” My face dropped and I felt embarrassed I know I was awful but hearing it from Sophie in such a blunt and to the point manner made me feel like I had been smacked in the face. I tried to defend myself “Sophie, I am so sorry I have had a lot on at home with my marriage and kids. It is no excuse I know and I promise I will sort the situation out and get back on track” Sophie just laughed at me – it was very humiliating and told me I wasn’t even fit to be the office shoe cleaner.

She rose from her chair and walked around the room her heals tapping the wooden floor. I couldn’t help but look at her legs and shoes. She caught me. “What are you staring at my legs for?!” Sophie said. I couldn’t get the words out I just could feel my face reddening with embarrassment. She started laughing at me again and calling me a pervert. It seemed to entertain her laughing at me. I found it humiliating but she was right. I was a pervert.

I decided, in a moment of madness to confess and tell her everything, tell her all of my dirty thoughts about how I fantasised about her long legs encased in pantyhose and her delicate feet, being forced to clean her shoes, massage her feet, massage her long legs and even down to the fact I loved the idea of her smothering me with her pantyhose clad bottom. Sophie fell about laughing. “Well if I use your sales figures as a guide to how good you are at given tasks I can only assume that your massaging and cleaning techniques are just as poor!”

Seconds later she had me off my seat and on the floor. “Come on the, entertain me and see if you can manage to do something right and convince me to keep you employed!” Sophie said. I was on the floor kneeling in front of her as she perched back on the desk. She lifted her feet and legs up and rested them on my shoulders. I was told to lick the soles of her shoes clean. As I proceeded she looked down on me laughing at what a sight I was. I was ordered to remove her shoes and she placed her feet on my face. “Breath in boy” she told me and I did as I was told. I couldn’t believe I was getting to do this.

I was forced to continue massaging and smelling her beautiful pantyhose clad feet before Sophie moved over to her sofa where she lounged. She barked orders at me to massage her legs and of course I did. At this stage I was in turmoil. I was loving what she was making me do but the cold reality set in what if someone walked into her office and witnessed this or worse still if Sophie told the office staff. Thoughts whizzing round my head only intensified the situation and it was thrilling. I massaged her long, svelte legs and Sophie lounged around.

She instructed me to lay down – I wondered what was next and she plonked her pantyhose covered ass on my face and smothered me all the while she was laughing at me. I was loving it and I didn’t want it to end! The feeling of pantyhose on the skin is so good and Sophie’s bottom and the two combined was perfect.

She paused and told me that if this kind of ‘treatment’ kept me on track and ensured I sorted myself out and started hitting targets she would see it as a benefit. She set me monthly targets and told me hit the targets you get the special treatment!

We shall see if the pervert manages to improve his work and I am pretty sure he will do!

I have to say that was a fun role play and if that wasn’t enough I enjoyed another interesting role play recently but that can wait till another time.

I will soon be announcing more details for My Glasgow visit with Mistress Sheba on 3rd and 4th May. Sessions will be taking place from a well equipped premises that caters for both domestic and dungeon scenarios.

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Mistress Saphire or Boss Sophie haha

The Pantyhose Pervert