Sessions and Contacting Mistress Saphire

This is just a reminder about contacting Me and My sessions

I always prefer bookings to be made at least 24 hours in advance – if you struggle with this I do offer same day sessions on various days after 3pm

I prefer to session after 3pm until later on in the evening around 11pm ( I am not a morning person nor do I wish to battle with rush hour traffic) and according to my recent poll you all prefer afternoons and evenings anyway

Contact me via email or call. If I do not answer your call you can send me a brief text and I will get back to you when I can

If we have not met before or you have a track record of cancelling sessions you will be required to pay a deposit to me to prove you are genuinely committed to the session and not trying to waste my time

Thank you for reading my simple rules

Sessions and Contacting Mistress Saphire