Mistress Saphire of Manchester


  • Session Review

    “I visited Mistress Saphire a couple of years ago and she took my strapon virginity whilst I was still unsure about it, on the whole, we also tried some sounding and some light whipping and pinwheels in my first session which went very well and set things in motion in my mind and I have […]

  • Session Review from newbie sub

    I have always been secretly into kink and BDSM having spent many hours engaging in online web domination and of course watching fetish porn clips I finally decided to bite the bullet and book a session. Admittedly, when I first contacted Saphire I was very nervous however she put me at ease during our phone […]

  • Session Review of a newbie slave with Manchester Mistress Saphire

    My first visit to Mistress Saphire as a complete novice was over a year ago and whilst I can’t visit anywhere near as often as I would like, I have become completely devoted in that time. Having never been to a Mistress before, I’d searched for a significant amount of time online before eventually plucking […]

  • Session Review

    Mistress Saphire is the most experienced of Dommes I have had the privilege of visiting. We’ve met several times before; sometimes one on one and sometimes with one of her colleagues in a Duo at a variety of locations. This time it was to be a late night three hour one on one in her […]