My New Found Love of Latex

As many of you will know I have never been a fan of latex but that seems to have all changed recently

I was asked by a rubber latex fetishist for a session which I will go on to tell you about but his only request was please Mistress will you wear rubber  latex. He was fully aware that I wasn’t a huge fan of wearing it myself but his request was so polite and he did bribe with a little with some early season white Italian truffles and a bottle of Ardbeg. So, he won his Mistress over. He even tried to convince me that I may enjoy wearing it. I wasn’t so convinced.

For a none latex fan My wardrobe was actually not badly stocked with 9 outfits hanging in it along with a pair of thigh high stiletto rubber boots. I think over the years I have purchased them because I do like the look of highly shined latex but hated how it felt….until now!

The session arrived and I decided to don a green military inspired latex mini skirt and zip up waistcoat. On with thigh high boots, and ding dong he was arriving at the front door.

I had prepared all things rubbery for the fiend, indulging him and overwhelming all of his senses with rubber latex was the plan. The feel of latex on his skin, the smell of it, the touch of my latex covered hands on him, the feel of my body encased in it, and of course the look of my body in it.

The first layer was his latex cat suit which he arrived wearing (under his civilian clothing I will add) and then it was on with the latex socks and rubber hood. After a little bit of shining this one up he looked a treat and was certainly in for a treat. His first task was to shine me up. Getting to feel my body wrapped up in tight fitting latex. Not only being able to feel me but having the pleasure of feeling latex on his finger tips.

Next up it was time for him to be placed into the latex body bag which has a built in hood and breathing tube. Ideal for controlling how this one was to take his breaths. The layers warming him up nicely and me occasionally shutting off the air flow and watching him struggle for breath. Leaving him alone on the rack strapped down so he cannot wriggle about.

I take the moment to gather my own thoughts on latex and how I was actually enjoying how it was feeling against my body. I walked over to the mirrors and of course my little rubber fiend could hear me moving and trying to see if I was coming for him. Nope, I was off to look at myself in the mirror and see how the rubber was looking after being in it for just over an hour at this point. I was surprised I actually liked how it looked and the feel of it certainly was not annoying me. I like how it clings to the body, shows off every curve and bend. Enough of that it was time to get back to the real fun….

My little rubber fiend was feeling very hot inside the cat suit and the body bag as I ran my latex clad hands all over him., mauling him.

Next stop was the another body bag – out of his cat suit and into the that. Now I could access his nipples as the body bag has little nipple windows as i call them. The c&b can be revealed too when the bag is unzipped so it was a good choice as I wanted to push the boundaries a little now.

Safely restrained again and hooded up the nipples were tormented. Of course, I have a variety of clamps, vices, sharp devices, tight devices at my disposal but the best and often overlooked favourite for nipple play…the fingers. My fingers that is. My hands were still inside my gloves and I gently stroked those nipples and areola, building up to squeezing and reverting back to stroking.

And so the tormenting continued, smothering with my latex clad arse, teasing the nipples and periods of down time. Leaving the rubber fiend alone, encased in latex and strapped onto the bondage bench. Occasionally mauling, then leaving again, returning to pinch the nipples and away again.

The final stage of the rubber play was having the fiend inside the gummi rubber latex inflatable sleep sack. This is a great piece of kit as it exposes the c&b, allows the head to go into an inflatable hood and I think feels like being inside a giant space hopper and bouncy castle. At full inflation it provides a snug , restrictive feel – rubber bondage. Leaving the fiend rather helpless. The hood is perfect for breath play too.

With his c&b’s exposed it was time for them to be dealt with. They needed a firmer hand than the nipples so out came the electrics bands for cock and the balls. Time to frazzle them a bit.

I am nice, I do always start with them on a lower setting -give you a chance to prepare for what is to come! The sound was next to join the mix and lube up with conducting jelly it was soon sliding down and following the correct route. Playing with the settings on all of the electrics whilst suffocating the rubber fiend was great fun! All the while he was in latex heaven! All of his sense being indulged.

There was one final part to the session and that is the marmite of the toys. You either seem to love it or really hate it…You only know once you have tried it. Welcome the Tremblr milking machine. The upgraded version of the Venus milking machine( and it is a lot quieter) complete with rubber insert. Every part of him now covered in rubber!

That was it then, that session sparked my interest in rubber and the following day I found myself picking out another latex outfit. I the find myself shopping online for more, and then designing a couple of ideas in the past few weeks and having them made! The warmth from latex is definitely appreciated in the cooler weather I must say. Will the love of latex survive in the hot weather….we shall see but for now there is no chance of warm weather here, so the latex loving me will remain!

My New Found Love of Latex