Happy New Year from Mistress Saphire

Good afternoon all,


I am currently perched in front of My open log fire, feet resting upon My human footstool naturally. Well, until I decide to get him massaging My feet once again or maybe scurrying off to the kitchen to fetch Me whatever I demand. Good to see he is beginning to make progress he clearly he isn’t keen on being on the receiving end of My Hot Shot cow prod.

All sessions ceased a few weeks back with the exception of a few of My lovely loyal subjects and I have to stay the break has done Me the world of good.

As you will have read on Twitter the festive period was actually a rather good  as opposed to normal (sure you all know I am Mrs Scrooge every year!) I actually had a splendid time eating, hunting, eating, hunting, eating you get the drift. Mixed in with that a few nasty falls whilst riding and the dreaded cold virus that seems to be super strength this year I have had a lovely couple of weeks.

I am now ready for action shall we say and My wardrobe has been nicely stocked with some very nice new outfits from a few of you. Thank you for that. I will be having pictures soon and may well wear some of these outfits and make an effort from My normal attire which seems to be very little other than stockings and thigh boots.

On the topic of loyal subjects My anal bitch has done a fine job last week of managing to take My fist up to the elbow and the start of My second hand. Practice makes perfect and he is certainly living proof of this – My fist spends a lot of time up his ass.

Moving on this is aimed  at all of the timewasters out there. Yes, the retarded fuckwits that think I can’t spot them a mile off this is for you! I work alongside some of the best and nicest Mistresses out there and I class many of those ladies not just as work colleagues but also friends. Guess what friends do…we talk, we have each other’s backs too. So when you waste the time of one of those ladies or Myself we share your contact details and you are blacklisted so try as you might to call Me guess what I won’t be seeing you. You can also try and call Me off a different number but sadly for you won’t catch me out as I have excellent vocal recognition and I can also spot a dickhead just from the questions you ask in your ‘serious’ enquiry! I have zero tolerance for timewasters, freebie hunters and dreamers. If you fall into any of those categories do us all a favour and fuck to the furthest part of off and stay there. Also do not be shocked if you are asked to pay a deposit another great tool for weeding out the fakes.

Back to a more positive note. I would like to thank everyone of My loyal slaves, submissives, kink enthusiasts, Mistresses,  friends, and followers for making 2016 a good year. I have suffered most of the year with chronic Crohns Colitis disease which as many of you know has seen me undergo extensive hospital treatments, tests, surgery and hospital stays and some brutal medications to try to control this debilitating disease. Throughout all of this many of you have been there offering support and it doesn’t go unnoticed it is very much appreciated and kept me smiling throughout the twists and turns of this roller coaster we call life.

I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year whatever you may be up to and I look forward to seeing both new and old faces in the new year.

Sessions will be available from Tuesday 2nd January. To make a booking I do request that you contact Me via telephone. I prefer  a minimum of 24 hours notice for all bookings however I can at times accommodate same day sessions but you will need to be flexible on time.

Manchester Mistress Saphire

Happy New Year from Mistress Saphire